A lifestyle portraits and events photographer based out of South Bay-CA with a passion for capturing lasting moments.

My journey as a photographer begins as a husband, father, and friend. I am married to my beautiful wife Angela who always challenges me to be a better man while encouraging me every step of the way. Our first daughter, Everly, can be described by five S's. She is smart, silly, sensitive, sincere, and best of all, sweet. The youngest member of our family is Juliet. She is loud and proud, but also teeming with love and compassion. Additionally, I am inspired by the wonderful people who surround my life. Spending time with friends and family reminds me that our lives are better when lived together. Photography quickly became the tool for me to capture special moments with those I love dearly.

All that said, my identity is first and foremost in Jesus Christ. His deep love for us reveals that there is so much to love and see in others. This is where my journey continues, which is to see in others what Christ sees in them.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Jeffery Cho