Adorable Meets Elegance | Aveline

First Birthday (Dohl) | Los Angeles, CA

First post of the new year and it’s one that will not disappoint. Actually, I’m long overdue since it’s been almost a year since my last post. Time flies when celebrating first birthdays with the most wonderful and loving families. Additionally, it’s simply an amazing experience to work with some of the more talented and accomplished vendors around (see list below). A special thanks to Aveline’s family for allowing me the opportunity to capture these moments for them. Cheers to many more years of health and cherished memories.

Event Styling & Design: Made By Davina Kim

Custom Painted Wall/Decor: Iron Grace Rentals

Cake/Desserts: Sweetleemade, Sweetsbykeeks & Candy Clay Cupcakes

Florals: Milieu Florals

Rice Cakes: Rice Blossom

Name Sign: Letterstou

Location: Mr. C Beverly Hills


Ava + First Birthday

First Birthday (Dohl) | Irvine, CA

It had been raining for weeks, but the sun was shining bright on this beautiful day. Sweet little Ava celebrated her very first birthday like the pretty wildflower that she is. There was a natural flow to the day and everything seems to fit together wonderfully. Not to mention that there was an awesome greenhouse in the backdrop. Hope Ava is able to look back one day and realize just how much she is loved. Thank you to Ava's parents for this pleasant experience! =)

Cake: Penelope's Perfections (Instagram: @penelopesperfections)

Cake Topper: Letterstou (Instagram: @letterstou)

Wooden Name Sign: Wood'sign Studio (Instagram: @woodsignstudio)

Monty + First Birthday

First Birthday (Dohl) | Torrance, CA

This camping themed first birthday party had me in awe the moment I arrived. It was something special when even rainy weather and overcast skies couldn't spoil the fun. In fact, they were perfect compliment. Moreover, it was clear that young Monty was absolutely loved by his family and friends. What a celebration to remember! My heartfelt thanks goes to Monty's parents for this opportunity to capture these special moments for them. 

Planning/Styling: Party With Lucinda (Instagram: @partywithlucinda) aka Monty's Mom

Name Sign: Letterstou (Instagram: @letterstou)

Cakes/Desserts: Frau Schmidt Cakery (Instagram: @frauschmidtcupcakes) 

DIY Backdrop: Monty's Dad