Russell + First Birthday

First Birthday (Dohl) | Torrance, CA

Gotta say that Russell has all you can ask for as a one year old. Amazing parents, loving family and friends, and a pretty darn cool birthday party! Hope we become friends when you're older buddy. Thank you Kim Family for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives!

matt + miri + saul

Family Portraits | Box Canyon, CA

Let the Nadlers take you away into the hills where peace and nature reign. Walk inside their home and immediately you are greeted with warmth. Just the right place for little Saul to grow and create lasting memories. So grateful to be able to capture these moments! 


shaun + june + russell

Family Portraits | Malaga Cove, CA

I love meeting new families! Shaun and June must be so proud of their son, Russell. He did amazingly well from beginning to end. More importantly, Russell is turning one soon! Very excited for his upcoming first birthday party! Also, Malaga Cove is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations. It has both an old town charm along with a cove where you can catch the sunset. Thanks for a great time Kim family!