Jen + Doug + Maddie

Family Session | Orange County, CA

It's been a while since I've posted but I'm excited to share moments captured from this family session. The mom and dad were wonderful as usual, but I was particularly blessed to meet their 2 year old daughter. I was reminded of when my first daughter was that age. We hear so often about the terrible two stage. It's frightening, alarming, and shocking all at once. As parents, we vow to never do this to ourselves again. However, time heals even the deepest scars doesn't it?

My oldest daughter will be 4 soon, and so it hasn't been too long since she graduated from the terrible twos. I can't help but to miss her chubby cheeks, her excitement when counting to ten, and her curiosity about the simplest of things. I loved how she would surprise me with new words and expressions just about every day. 

Sure, there were many terrible moments, but my memory is a bit hazy around that stuff. I look back and think about how terrific she was at 2. By the way, my wife probably thinks I'm crazy and that I don't know half of what she went through! Yeah, she's probably right since I wasn't the one who had to deal with it all day. 

Still, all this to say, that our children need us to see the best in them no matter how difficult it gets. In the end, they will know that our love as parents can never be shaken. Hopefully, they will go on to be gracious, kind, and loving individuals who choose to see the good in others. 

So the next time your two year old throws a tantrum, let your spouse deal with it, and choose to see the good in them. =P