Monty + First Birthday

First Birthday (Dohl) | Torrance, CA

This camping themed first birthday party had me in awe the moment I arrived. It was something special when even rainy weather and overcast skies couldn't spoil the fun. In fact, they were perfect compliment. Moreover, it was clear that young Monty was absolutely loved by his family and friends. What a celebration to remember! My heartfelt thanks goes to Monty's parents for this opportunity to capture these special moments for them. 

Planning/Styling: Party With Lucinda (Instagram: @partywithlucinda) aka Monty's Mom

Name Sign: Letterstou (Instagram: @letterstou)

Cakes/Desserts: Frau Schmidt Cakery (Instagram: @frauschmidtcupcakes) 

DIY Backdrop: Monty's Dad

Russell + First Birthday

First Birthday (Dohl) | Torrance, CA

Gotta say that Russell has all you can ask for as a one year old. Amazing parents, loving family and friends, and a pretty darn cool birthday party! Hope we become friends when you're older buddy. Thank you Kim Family for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives!

carnegie + first birthday

First Birthday (Dohl) | Torrance, CA

From family members to the vendors, it seemed like everyone arrived early for Carnegie's birthday. I've never been to the Toyota Automobile Museum, but the venue was perfect for a Cars themed birthday celebration. New cars, vintage cars, and even the so-so cars in Toyota's line up were all on display. Had such a blast! Thank you Park family and congratulations!

Event Coordinator: Sandy Fong